The RTST is registered as a charity in England and Wales on the basis that it is a company established with exclusively charitable objects for the public benefit within the meaning of the Charities Act 2011. Those charitable objects are expressed in our Articles of Association as set out below. Our Mission is how we are currently promoting these objects in practice.

“The Charity’s objects…are specifically restricted to the fostering and advancement of the public knowledge, experience and appreciation of theatre and drama at every level of performance and audience, including:

(1)       the provision of support of all kinds:

     (a)        to new or established theatre companies;

     (b)       for transfers and tours of theatrical works of distinction to enable wider public access;

     (c)        to emerging theatre performers, playwrights and other theatre practitioners, including but not limited to producers, directors, designers, managers and technicians; and

     (d)       for training and education in the theatrical arts; and

(2)       the fostering and promotion of the public knowledge, experience and appreciation of the works of Shakespeare and other major internationally renowned dramatists.”